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Rabu, 31 Maret 2010 at 06.51 Posted by scientist 0 Comments

You which have chummy with sure Windows have experienced of this matter : screen sudden blue chromatic, white article and computer of hang. So, You can change the the colour with colour hobby of You. Its way, click Start - Run, writing down sysedit. Select;Choose system.ini. Last [of] existing searching of article [ 386Enh], and write down below/under him
Messagetextcolor= 8
Messagebackcolor= 4
Changing number 8 and 4 with colour hobby of You ( Black=0 Blue=1 Green=2 Cyan=3 Red=4 Magenta=5 Brown=6 White=7 Gray=8 Bright Blue=9 Bright Green=A Bright Cyan=B Bright Red=C Pink=D Yellow=E Bright White=F

Think eggs, think nightmares. 

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